Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa promises zero tolerance in corruption fight

The industries everything Bulawayo is in shambles we support anyone with a vision to help Bulawayo Zarura Zimbabgwe When was Parirenyatwa at Mpilo? These are the same people who destroyed everything! News alert, its election time people wake up and smell Chibuku, musa so what is the purpose of her visits? What difference do you think they will make also?? Cde It instils some urgency.. Following the wisdom from father Zimbabwe that marked the unity accord i will celebrate tomorrow i say my brothers they should rest in peace.

First Lady surprises Bulawayo hospitals

The sixteen-year-long war in Mozambique Insight on Africa, 5, 1 Emerson, The Battle for Mozambique: Whilst clearly a national struggle, it also brought in regional players like Rhodesia and South Africa and even Tanzania and Zambia-all of whom had a vested interest in the outcome of this struggle for supremacy.

The original Freetown station is now a general museum and retains its very British approach steps and lamps.

Share this article Share The official added: She is a very rich lady and at some point we will want to find out all about how she made that money. It is unclear whether Grace will also be prosecuted, and it is understood that Mugabe demanded guarantees over her safety in his negotiations with the military. On Sunday Chatunga posted a defiant status on Facebook hours before his father resigned. You can’t fire a Revolutionary leader! Gushungo will always remain the champion of champions! Proud of you Gushungo Proud of Dad.

Gushungo always and forever to death!

Zimbabwe’s military muscles into first post-Mugabe cabinet

Initially deceived by his plump appearance caused by malnutrition, treatment wasn’t sought until diarrhoea set in. Doctors worry he may not survive as he weighs just 5kg ‘I am afraid we will lose another of our daughters by Christmas,’ year-old Sara told me at the graveside. She just faded away, her eyes sank into her head. We had hardly any porridge then, and now that is running out, too. Zimbabwe once happily exported grain to the rest of Africa, but it is now a decade or more since it grew enough to feed itself.

Melissa, 4, from Bulawayo, with her mother.

In , civil servants, nurses, and junior doctors went on strike over salary issues.

Great Zimbabwe — the grandest African ruins south of the Sahara — retains its enigma, but recent excavations have produced more pieces in the giant puzzle. Fragments of blue and white Chinese porcelain have been dug out, along with local pottery. Glued together, the delicate pieces form about a third of a Ming dish dating from the sixteenth century.

The dish was apparently deliberately stuffed into a tunnel in a mud hut wall built circa to , with abutting stone walls. Excavated last year, the hut turned out to be large just over nine yards in diameter , with a dividing wall and two entrances. The findings suggest the hut was used by spirit mediums and had secular and ritual space. Impressions from a bark and fibre mat remain in the clay and charcoal is in the post holes:

Mugabe’s genocide: The images of despair that reveal the full horror of Zimbabwe

The books may be regarded as pieces in a jig-saw puzzle: Of uniform size, each reprint in the standard edition is case-bound hard backed and presented in a specially designed, colourfull dust jacket bearing the family identity of the Series. There is also a fully leather-bound edition that was limited to copies. Many of the volumes contain illustrative and textual material additional to the original. The Second – “Silver” – Series was inaugurated in January

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This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Ian Smith signing the Unilateral Declaration of Independence on 11 November with his cabinet in audience. After the Unilateral Declaration of Independence UDI , the British government petitioned the United Nations for sanctions against Rhodesia pending unsuccessful talks with Smith’s administration in and In December , the organisation complied, imposing the first mandatory trade embargo on an autonomous state.

Smith declared Rhodesia a republic in , following the results of a referendum the previous year, but this went unrecognised internationally. Meanwhile, Rhodesia’s internal conflict intensified, eventually forcing him to open negotiations with the militant nationalists. In March , Smith reached an accord with three African leaders, led by Bishop Abel Muzorewa , who offered to leave the white population comfortably entrenched in exchange for the establishment of a biracial democracy.

The Internal Settlement left control of the Rhodesian Security Forces , civil service, judiciary, and a third of parliament seats to whites. The purpose of the conference was to discuss and reach an agreement on the terms of an independence constitution, and provide for elections supervised under British authority allowing Zimbabwe Rhodesia to proceed to legal independence. The bill then passed the Senate and was assented to by the President.


Mnangagwa, giving his first state of the nation address since he assumed power last month following a de facto coup that ousted his year-old predecessor, has sought to draw a line under years of endemic corruption and impunity. Under pressure to deliver results, especially on an economy crippled by severe currency shortages, Mnangagwa said reforms of a bloated state sector would be launched in early With opposition parties calling for widespread political reforms before an election next year, he repeated a promise that his government would do everything in its power to ensure a credible, free and fair ballot.

There should be no sacred cows.

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Train travel in Zimbabwe . . .

Eritrean Railway’s A manuel Ghebreselassie updated 3rd Junel This did threaten to become the steam story of the 90’s with long stored Mallets being put back into service on the rehabilitated mm gauge railway between the port of Massawa and the mountain top capital of Asmara, with its spectacular operation, it just took a little longer than originally hoped. There is a superb 15 minute news clip available on the project http: Ralph Reinhold provided a little more information October

For many years, there has been a store of steam locomotives or dump according to your point of view at Millsite cape gauge and Humewood narrow gauge which contained inter alia many historical items.

Sworn in as president a week ago after year-old Mugabe quit in the wake of a de facto military coup, Mnangagwa made Major-General Sibusiso Moyo foreign minister and handed Air Marshal Perrance Shiri the sensitive land portfolio. The new president, who later on Friday spoke publicly about the need to draw on local expertise and skills to put the economy back on robust footing, also brought back Patrick Chinamasa as finance minister despite his chequered record in that post previously.

Most Zimbabweans remember Moyo as the khaki-clad general who went on state television in the early hours of Nov. After all, had there not been a revolution, or so they thought? New information minister Chris Mutsvangwa, leader of the powerful liberation war veterans, was not immediately available for comment. Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa officiates at a university graduation ceremony in Chinhoyi, near Harare, Zimbabwe, December 1, Chinamasa, a lawyer by training, had been finance minister since until he was shifted to the new ministry of cyber security in a reshuffle this year.

His predecessor and Mugabe ally Ignatius Chombo, is in jail facing corruption charges dating back more than two decades. Without that, the new administration will be unable to unlock any new external financing. Speaking publicly for the first time as president at a graduation ceremony at a university in Chinhoyi, km 68 miles south of Harare, Mnangagwa, however, appeared to be looking to local expertise to put the economy on a stronger footing.