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A gorgeous circa Tri-ang Stockbroker dolls house has been put up for sale this afternoon, amazingly in original condition I have promised the previous owner that this will go to a good home, which I have no doubt it will as this really is one for the serious collector. She told me this wonderful story on how when she was a baby, back in , her builder father set off to an auction with the intention of buying two ladders for his work.

She told me this wonderful story on how when she was a baby, back in , her builder father set off to an auction with the intention of buying two ladders for his work.

TR- Desk 2 Ref: Comes with three large opening lower drawers, a drop down top and frontage to reveal two tiny opening drawers and compartments inside. In good played with condition. Various Tri-ang Bookcases Ref: TR- Boxed Bookcase Ref: This is a Tri-ang Spot On plastic bookcase with black painted metal legs, and original box including leaflet. Comes with five sets of mock plastic books. The two doors slide open. This is in a good played with condition, although the plastic doors have some very slight scuffing which is commonly found in these bookcases that have been played with.

TR- Bookcase Ref:

Twin Threesome Fantasy

In Tri-ang produced three wooden General Omnibuses as shown below. Execpt the size adn wheels , No “0” is exact as No “2”. A low priced model with polished handwood wheels, number and destination boards, stairs and posters. Painted as No 2.

Ron Stetkowicz made the horse brasses.

Issue 30 July p18 Tri-ang Dolls Houses Database, Vol 1, Sign In or Register to add photos This Album features Lines Bros’ Tri-ang Dolls Houses, which were in production from until , plus No 80 , Nos 81 and 82 both , the No 1 shop , Peggy Lines’ own dolls house from the early s which was not produced commercially , and the Princess models These s models have been included in this Volume because, stylistically, they have more in common with the houses from the s than those from the s.

Please see Volume 2 for all the other models produced between and Production resumed in and continued until the firm went into liquidation in Those models from which were new designs, may be seen in Volume 3. Pre-war models which resumed production in are not included in Volume 3. Members are invited to add pictures of Tri-ang houses to the appropriate Volume.

Vintage Dolls Houses

I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures and reading the text about my restorations and collection of furniture and dolls. Please note that the photos and the explanations here are my own work and they are not to be reproduced or copied anywhere please. If you’d like to contact me please leave a comment at the bottom of this page. This firm started around and went into liquidation in and although the Dolls House factory was taken over, production ceased in The majority of my Tri-angs date from the s and s, but I hope one day to add to my collection with some earlier houses, for example the famous one pictured above which was model no 72 between and and renumbered as model no 93 in and produced up until In International Dolls House News Summer issue Rosemary Myers uses the phrase “Stockbroker Tudor” to refer to this house and the name “Stockbroker” has become attached to this model.

Zoom on a Room – Bedroom of the Amersham This bedroom is furnished with some lovely early painted Dol-toi furniture.

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But rather than execute them, the Royals have exiled them to another realm! A low-tech realm where co-existence between humans and monsters is the norm! Will Van Hellscream find a way to lead them back home? Or do the Fates have ‘other’ plans? Luigi A plumber from new york city gets on a unexpected spin of events when he gets transported to a new world where he is going to learn how how things work and live there.

Will he find his way back home or just accept his new life?

My collection currently numbers thirteen nine dolls’ houses – I used to have over forty houses but have been steadily streamlining the collection and in over the last eight years I have sold off all my commerical antique and vintage houses but two. My primary focus is now restricted to artisan dollhouse miniatures with a few exceptions here and there. Many of my houses are displayed in one room where I painted a Rufus Porter-style mural around three sides of the room.

One wall is copied from the mural that appears in the Tynietoy mansion while the other walls feature scenes from the Delaware Valley landscape, where I live with my husband and troublesome cat on the north side of the Musconetcong Mountain.

Never shown in any catalogue there were three other Tri-ang double deck buses.

Can you name other makes? How many makes of vintage prams can you remember? Each pram collector seems to have their own particular favourite make. This often depends on where you lived because in the area where prams were made it was generally found that parents would favour their local brands and support local industry.

Pram shops had to have permission from the manufacturer to sell their prams so this also affected choice available. Their Wilson prams were more expensive and more luxurious than the ordinary Silver Cross. Without a doubt Silver Cross or Wilson were the prams mostly used by mothers in that area. Royale made stunning prams, as seen in one of our Pram of the Month features, their factory was in London SE18, as was the Swallow factory which was in Tottenham.

I have also been told that Swallow had a factory in Lowestoft and produced baby prams and doll prams. The pram bodies were handmade and doll prams were made in the same design as the full sized ones.

From left to right: You are you, and everyone has damage. Be the better person. It’s also an eroge , though there is an option to disable some adult content. Hisao Nakai, a normal boy living a normal life, has it turned upside down when a congenital heart defect forces him to move to a new school after a long hospitalization. Despite his difficulties, Hisao is able to find friends – and perhaps love, if he plays his cards right.

Debbie McKnight made most of the blue and white porcelain displayed in this room.

Shackleton Toys British Toy Companies: Each scale model came housed in a lift-off lidded card box. No one can doubt that the Foden diecast lorries produced by Shackleton were of high quality. All the components required to build the lorries were made in-house and that included the clockwork motor. The motor was located inside the cab itself and power was transferred through a drive shaft to the vehicles rear wheels.

Various other colourways available included: Lights and radiator grille detailed in silver finish. Other colourway versions included: The thick card picture box came with two small end flaps and one large tuck-in flap to both ends. Crawler tractor in red colourway finish I have only come across this colourway finish but that does not mean to say it was the only finish available , with black rubber tracks and chimney. Model came complete within a picture card box with lift off lid.

The firm now trading as Johnson Bros. They later took the name of Chad Valley as their registered trademark and the building was to remain as the company headquarters for over seventy years. In that same year both the Wellington and Harborne works were extended as business continued to increase. Interestingly enough they also featured Stand Nos. This may have had something to do with the fact that earlier in a bold move the Palace had been approached by Chad Valley executives for permission to produce dolls of the Royal Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose.

Their names are Jennelyn and Jeyne.

The earliest surviving catalogues, which date from the early 20th century, show solid-looking town houses and mansions. These houses were of the highest quality and were built to last. The wallpapers were specially-printed miniatures of contemporary designs. However, real life was changing fast and technological developments had started to revolutionise the way that homes were run. As machinery became more widespread, there was a dwindling need for domestic staff.

The First World War made it possible for women to realise their potential in the commercial, agricultural and industrial world. The three sons of Joseph Lines decided to branch out and produce more modern houses which reflected these changes, and set up their own company after the war using Triangtois as the trade name. This was later changed to Tri-ang, a name and logo still familiar to many people. However, it was the range of Tudor houses that proved to be enduringly popular and these were manufactured for several decades.

I often try out different pieces of furniture while I am working on a house to help me figure out where to place lighting and any additional walls.

The fabric came from Liberty and I’m just about out of it now, alas