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Here, we revisit the shocking details of his case—and other star-studded hostage situations. In December , gunmen took year-old Frank Sinatra Jr. Keenan got the harshest sentence—life plus 75 years. He served less than five, however, because the court later ruled that he had been legally insane when he committed the crime. A ragtag radical group calling itself the Symbionese Liberation Army abducted Hearst, then 19 and a student at U. Berkeley, in February After food was distributed, the Hearst heiress “Citizen Kane” was based on her grandfather announced she’d joined the SLA. Adopting “Tania” as a nom de guerre, she became involved in SLA crimes before leading members of the group were killed in a police shootout. Asked her occupation, she replied “urban guerilla. President Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence in , and Bill Clinton granted her a full pardon in

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The increasing importance of European Mass Dials The growing interest in mass dials in continental Europe is evidenced by a flow of reports and photographs. BSS of course has quite enough to do without compiling registers of overseas dials but the reports are filed and available for comparison with dial types and locations recorded in Europe. Here Tony Wood reflects on the similarities and origins of mass dials in the British Isles and Europe.

Astrolabes, Cross Staffs and Dials. His article makes wonderful reading and gives the background to and the use of the Cross Staff, a Horizontal Sundial and even a quadrant. Click here for a link to this article.

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But something I always seem to find time for is the never-ending trickle of emails I receive throughout the day. A new book, Unsubscribe: How To Kill Email Anxiety, Avoid Distraction and Get Real Work Done , claims email addiction is a time-wasting epidemic in the modern workplace and aims to help those who feel overwhelmed by their inbox me , and waste hours each day trying to get on top of it also me.

Several recent studies bear out this theory, with one finding the average worker checks their email 77 times a day, sends and receives over and checks their first one within minutes of waking up. And while another study found 90 per cent of us regularly check work emails outside office hours, the researchers found we more than make up for it by spending 3.

Moser could ride the track; he won five national track titles, was professional pursuit world champion in , and he won 16 six-days.

Reese Witherspoon is not a healthy person. The only explanation I is that straight fraus overly invested in Jake G. Here’s the scoop, JG is also bland and uninteresting. Gyllenhaal’s not worth the investment. I think her holier than thou attitude is so fucking annoying. I thought this back when Legally Blonde 2 came out long before Jake. She isn’t a popular figure here R and her Oscar speech is what did her in for a lot of people who never had strong feelings one way or the other.

The day after the Oscars people on DL were all slamming her. Take off your Jake Gyllenhall rose colored glasses and realize that the world consists of people outside of your scary fandom. She has major issues.

The 25 most stylish cyclists of all time

Simon and Bryan had an affair? So that adds a wrinkle. Anyway it is highly likely being roommates in college that Simon and Bryan have slept with each other at least once.

And verbal communication is the least of it.

Under Rule , if total sales not offerings of stock during a twelve-month period do not exceed the greater of: The offerings must be discrete not included in any other offer. All optionees and shareholders must be provided with a copy of the benefit plan or contract under which the options or securities are granted. While these are the general outlines of the rule, there are a number of specific wrinkles, as outlined below. Measuring Sales The limit is based on actual sales, not just offers.

In measuring sales, all options granted during the period are considered part of the aggregate sales, with the option price defined as of the date of grant.

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March 20, 4: Chris Sidwells reveals his 25 most stylish riders of all time Tom Boonen Credit: It helps quantify form and efficiency.

So that adds a wrinkle.

Email Afternoon tea was first invented in by the Duchess of Bedford, who was a lifelong friend of Queen Victoria. The consumption of tea, sandwiches and cakes were a way of staving off hunger during the long afternoons, between lunch and dinner. It soon became a tradition and she would regularly entertain members of the aristocracy, as well as the Queen, in her home with a serving of afternoon tea.

Today, it is a tradition that is accessible to everyone, no matter class or status. And the Cotswolds, home to many medieval towns and villages , is one of the best places to experience a classic afternoon tea. In fact, a delicious afternoon tea could well be one of the highlights of your visit to the Cotswolds, whether you are on a romantic getaway or a group family holiday , there are plenty of places to enjoy good old English tea and cake.

So for anyone wanting to combine a luxury spa weekend with afternoon tea, this is the perfect place to go. There are two different afternoon menus on offer to suit your appetite; the Farmhouse Tea which features filling bites such as bacon scones and sausage rolls or Champagne Charlie which is served with a glass of Veuve Clicquot.

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They’re all first class obviously Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde When it comes to royal weddings, we think we know it all. From the hefty price tags on their designer wedding dresses , to the exact flavours that go into the cake , we are intrigued by every last detail. And it seems that the women in the royal household have similarly differing ideas about what makes the perfect perfume to compliment their big day. While they could have simply opted for a product with the official royal seal of approval , Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton all chose something a little different.

The Telegraph believes that her favourite scent is this Floris product because it reminds her of carnations, her favourite flower. It is a brand that has reportedly been royally approved for close to two centuries.

You’d think she were the second coming of Sarah Palin instead of a bitchy celebrity.

Transcript The Dean Ornish program that led to the improvement in artery function and the dramatic drop in angina attacks is not just about putting people on a plant-based diet. It also involves recommendations for moderate exercise and stress management, and we know exercise alone can improve endothelial function. So, how do we know diet had anything to do with it? Esselstyn was able to improve angina using a plant-based diet as the only lifestyle intervention. Angina and Vegan Diet: Chest pain so severe he had to stop every nine or ten steps.

He started on a vegan diet and months later, he climbed mountains with no pain.

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Privacy Policy About Us She stopped. I couldn’t break the gaze, and I stopped, too. I faced her from 10 or 15 feet away. Time seemed to slow.

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When is Black Mirror season four released on Netflix? Black Mirror season four will be released on Friday 29th December. The perfect way to see out the end of … Check out the full trailer below. Is there a trailer? As well as the full trailer above, in August, Netflix released a short teaser to announce the episode titles, which also gave us a very, very brief glimpse into the worlds created in each episode.

Check it out below. Since Sunday 26th November, Netflix has been releasing individual episode trailers for season four, beginning with a promo clip for Jodie Foster-directed episode Arkangel. Check out all the other trailers here. As usual, each episode will introduce us to an entirely new dystopian version of our world, with a brand new cast of characters.

Check out the cast — and directors — for each episode below. It is directed by Tim Van Patten, a television director with an illustrious back catalogue which includes 20 episodes of the Sopranos, 18 episodes of Boardwalk Empire and two episodes of Game of Thrones. We should be in for a treat.

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Image of Ancient Egyptian Dentistry, via Wikimedia Commons When we assume that modern improvements are far superior to the practices of the ancients, we might do well to actually learn how people in the distant past lived before indulging in ” chronological snobbery. We might imagine the ancient Greeks or Egyptians as prone to rampant tooth decay, lacking the benefits of packaged, branded toothpaste, silken ribbons of floss, astringent mouthwash, and ergonomic toothbrushes.

But in fact, as toothpaste manufacturer Colgate points out, “the basic fundamentals” of toothbrush design “have not changed since the times of the Egyptians and Babylonians a handle to grip, and a bristle-like feature with which to clean the teeth. In , curators at a Viennese museum discovered “the world’s oldest-known formula for toothpaste,” writes Irine Zoech in The Telegraph , “used more than 1, years before Colgate began marketing the first commercial brand in I believe that this recipe would have been a big improvement on some of the soap toothpastes used much later.

Discovered among “the largest collection of ancient Egyptian documents in the world,” the document, says Hermann Harrauer, head of the papyrus collection as the National Library in Vienna , “was written by someone who’s obviously had some medical knowledge, as he used abbreviations for medical terms.

The FBI retrieved the cash and arrested Ransay, who claimed at trial that Calvin was her lover and it was all a publicity stunt.

Linking social media accounts What happens if my payment fails on my membership? Your membership requires payment approximately 5 days prior to the commencement of each billing period, so you should have plenty of time to make the updates. How will News use the information that I provide when I sign up? The personal information you provide when signing up for News will remain strictly private and confidential. News will never make public any information you provide us.

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Reese Witherspoon is a racist

In December , gunmen took year-old Frank Sinatra Jr.

Hemping it up and rant about Thai women