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You’re as welcome as can be! This site is dedicated to the original Mickey Mouse Club Show of the ‘s, the first television show for, by, and about kids. But first the commercial: All textual content is either from published sources or the opinions of the webmaster. The copyright holder for all images may be assumed to be The Walt Disney Company, and no infringement of rights is intended by their display. To open the new year here’s a lesser known third season FWM Day skit for the feature video. Your webmaster’s prediction for is that this video, like so many others from this site, will sooner or later find its way to a certain YouTube channel December 2nd, Randall Nakashima has favored us once again with a Lost Episode having a strong tie-in to a well-known Disney animated short For the feature video there is a second season Circus Day equestrian act, The Platos Watch Karen Pendleton learn about animation in Karen in Kartoonland

Walt Disney Treasures: Wave Four

But rather than being made to play right before selected movies in theaters although a few of them actually premiered there anyway , these new cartoons were going to be shown alongside other Disney cartoons like Recess and Pepper Ann. It followed a Three Shorts format, with each five-minute short starring one of Mickey’s gang, and even mixing characters who rarely, if ever, interacted in the older cartoons i. Sometimes, the characters starred in newly-made installments of the Silly Symphonies , in which the stories were set entirely to music and without dialogue.

Once per Episode , there would also be one or two second gag shorts with the following umbrella titles: Mickey to the Rescue: Mickey breaks into Pete’s not-at-all-secret hideout to rescue Minnie from the traps within.

The lead-off video this month is a first season Guest Star Day featuring the original performers from Disneyland’s Golden Horseshoe Revue

But which characters of the stop-motion, CG or hand-drawn world really make the grade? Which existing characters made the leap from short form to full-length feature with their dignity intact? How do the newcomers really compare to old hands of earlier eras? Read on to find out Mickey Mouse Movie s: Fantasia , Fantasia First Apperance: Steamboat Willie Voiced by: Why yes, because Mickey Mouse has never been a big character in feature-length animation, and his best performance was in a tiny segment of classical music oddity Fantasia.

Here, he’s the over-enthusiastic but under-disciplined assistant to a sorcerer, who tries to take a short-cut when his master is out of town and ends up with hundreds of magical mops flooding his home – and he’s wonderful at it. The moral of the story is that it’s best to take pride in your work and do it properly, and also that you should just never clean house because it’ll only lead to trouble.

Stroke of genius The hangdog hangmouse? Fun fact The raised eyebrow and disapproving stare with which the sorcerer greets the havoc his apprentice has caused was referred to as the “Dirty Disney stare” by the animators on Fantasia and modelled on Walt himself.

Mickey Mouse universe

Silverman April 06, Rooney, who had been in ill health for some time, passed away on Sunday, TMZ reports. According to the Associated Press, he was surrounded by family at his North Hollywood home, police said. A genuine showbiz legend whose career, like his personal life, was often likened to a roller-coaster, Rooney was multi-talented, eight-times married and many times written off, only to land back on his feet again and again.

And while many of his personal tales were fanciful — Mickey Mouse was not named after him, despite his claim — movie fans adored Rooney and respected filmmakers idolized his sizeable gifts, which were sometimes likened to genius.

In honor of Karen’s birthday one of her most unusual and charming numbers is the video update.

Although Mickey’s stories included the character Pete , who was created in , the world in which Mickey lives holds a continuity largely independent from earlier films. An exception to this was the reintroduction of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in with the release of Epic Mickey. In , Disney began a newspaper strip called Mickey Mouse which greatly expanded Mickey’s world which was already well-known from the animated cartoons. The stories then became a work of collaborative fiction with different writers working in different mediums.

This sometimes caused continuity discrepancies. For example, while Mickey and his friends largely live in the same contemporary setting, they sometimes appear in exotic settings including period pieces Brave Little Tailor , The Nifty Nineties and fantasy films Fantasia , Fun and Fancy Free. One way the comics writers explained this discrepancy was to present the characters as “real” cartoon characters who are employed by Disney as actors.

Mickey Mouse Games

This is the second half of the Disneyland episode, A Story of Dogs , which was aired as part of a promotion for Lady and the Tramp the making of which the first half of this episode covers. The second half of this episode talks about Disney’s first canine star, using a picture book, from which Pluto leaps and into which Pluto looks while Walt narrates and we get a look at some of the highlights of Pluto’s career.

This is a mini-biography about “the man behind the mutt”:

Jay Baruchel Yes, we’ve gone for Hiccup rather than his adorable dragon Toothless?

Secret portrait of British artist hidden behind another canvas by admirer 21 Sep But he said his heart missed a beat when he caught sight of a stunning tableau of a woman in a pink muslin evening dress. The painting was by Boldini and the subject a beautiful Frenchwoman who turned out to be the artist’s former muse and whose granddaughter it was who had left the flat uninhabited for more than half a century. The muse was Marthe de Florian, an actress with a long list of ardent admirers, whose fervent love letters she kept wrapped neatly in ribbon and were still on the premises.

Among the admirers was the 72nd prime minister of France, George Clemenceau, but also Boldini. The expert had a hunch the painting was by Boldini, but could find no record of the painting. When Mr Choppin-Janvry found a visiting card with a scribbled love note from Boldini, he knew he had struck gold.

The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Teeth, claws Fate Returns to his human form after the spell is broken by Belle; they marry sometime thereafter Quote “So, you’ve come to stare at the beast, have you?! Are you happy here with me? A prince by birth, he was cursed by a mysterious Enchantress as punishment for his selfish and cruel nature; only by loving another and earning their love in return can the Beast free himself and those affected by the spell before time runs out.

The master of the hilarious non sequitur, Steve’s every appearance in this underrated gem is gold, and further proof that NPH can do no wrong.

Roy Lichtenstein was always reticent about explaining the meaning of his work Born in New York in to parents of German Jewish origins, Roy Lichtenstein was a shy, studious boy who liked playing jazz and listening to Flash Gordon stories on the radio. After finishing school he enrolled at Ohio State University to study art. In he was drafted into the U. Army, going on to serve in France, Belgium and Germany. After the war he returned to Ohio, where he completed his degree and began teaching art, settling down for what looked set to be a conventional life.

He married Isabel Wilson, a gallery worker, in and they had two sons, David, born in , and Mitchell, born in It was only after he moved to New Jersey and his marriage began to crumble that the breakthrough came. In , challenged by his children to paint something as good as the images in their cartoon books, he produced his first full-scale pop art picture. In Look Mickey, Lichtenstein scaled up a scene of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck out fishing, complete with a speech bubble and carefully painted Ben-Day dots to imitate those used for shading in the original cartoon.

The painting, owned by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, is now considered his most formative work.

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The venue would have been one of the following Theatres: We were all there, and in full force! This long-standing Disney preeminence in the Animated and Live-Action film gave Walt and Company a decided advantage in launching their TV productions. Unless you are familiar, you may be asking, “Just what is a ‘Mouse Factory’, anyway? I mean, don’t the Mice propagate okay without any help?

They were sprinters; they went out of the gate, but then they stopped.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Mickey Mouse is recognised the world over as the defining character of Disney – summing up what it’s all about. In fact, artists who have put pen to paper and brought the humble mouse to life have often called him Walt Disney’s “alter ego”. Others say he “represents the world of animation”.

For such a tiny guy he holds a great deal of weight – not only for animation but also for creating the idea behind the Disney magic. Today, Mickey Mouse turns 88 and to mark the occasion we’ve gathered together some facts you may – or may not – know about the popular rodent. Mickey’s debut Mickey Mouse through the ages Image: Steamboat Willie was the world’s first cartoon with synchronised sound and featured Walt Disney’s own voice for Mickey’s squeaky noises.


Tom Hanks How could we separate Woody and Buzz, you ask?

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